Sunday, June 8, 2008


A few months ago, Mum and I wandered around a home show looking for ways to spend her money improve our homes and perhaps be a little gentler on the environment.

We saw lots of rain-barrel systems, patios, garden ideas, siding, windows, and some really nifty solar items.

In fact, some of the coolest items were solar powered. Are you a gadget geek? You might like the new backpack with solar panels built in to charge your cell phone, iPod, or other gizmo. The messenger bag had the same features.

In the works is a laptop bag that will charge your little computing buddy while you walk, pedal, or blade to work or the park, or wherever you happen to be going, and will keep charging while you tap away at your keys outside the coffee shop or wherever.

Am I the only one that wants one??


Kit said...

Of course I've drooled over them, too! As if I need one. . . but they're so cool. . .

foolery said...

I didn't know they existed, and since I'm totally analog away from my desktop, it doesn't apply to me. BUT I STILL WANT ONE!