Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Green For the Holidays

If you must have a real tree, think about one with a root-ball on it - I grew up with several of these trees in the yard and loved them.

If you must have a cut tree, remember that many organizations will take them for mulch, trade you saplings for them, or (if you have woods behind the house like we do) they make a fine habitat for little critters.

Happy Chritsmahannukwanzikuh!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Renovate This

So I'm watching Renovation Nation on Planet Green, and I'm annoyed.

They never seem to show (barely) middle income families like's always people who have plenty of dosh to go green. Right now, they're showing a family in California that put in in-ground cisterns for rainwater and an in ground watering system for their lawn, a grey water system, and solar panels.

It cost them what T makes in a year to do the panels, although they'll get some rebates so it will end up costing only half his income. Sigh.

Anyone want to subsidize the greening of my home? Please?