Friday, May 7, 2010

How Mulch Do I Love the Garden?

Someone, the Evil Genius and I had a bit of an adventure today, finding the local recycling center. We pay for trash removal and for recycling, but the waste management company only recycles certain things, and those certain things don't include a number of perfectly recyclable items. Unacceptable at Casa de Crazy!

So we loaded up the truck (borrowed from Mum) and went in search of greener pastures.

We didn't have too much trouble - one sign pointing down the wring road sent us in a big circle - and the folks there were really helpful, letting us drive the truck back to the big glass bins instead of making us load each bottle, one at a time, into the smaller one.

We even had a place to put the boxes holding the glass so they'd be recycled too.

And, bonus! They give away free mulch there!! All we have to do is show up within certain hours, sign a waiver, and drive around back. They'll load it up and everything. Sweet! Especially because it gets hot here in Redneck Central, and our ground is red clay, which doesn't hold moisture well. We're hoping to go next week and get a load.

The garden will be thrilled.