Saturday, October 8, 2016

Staying Connected to the Land

There aren't many Nature-made good Sacred Space any more. Old Growth forests on the West Coast, or in Ga. the Foothills of Appalachia are repeatedly over-run by logging, or building up to make way for new grow peoples. Fortunately Kyddryn has one straight out the back door.. This waterfall is a prime example of an ever-increasing too-rare place to invest your spiritual time.
 Property line extends to a triangle point, but being the cul-de-sac was built on a ridge, the terrain beyond runs to State property and is to this day undeveloped, and likely will with the elevation change. Some cattle fences from east-adjoining properties are about all the new world has encroached.
 Closed off from the rest of the world, our kids can go out to play and see trees that didn't get planted with home-building; no Bradford Pears, the 'funky-spunk' trees as K calls them-- a sobriquet earned in Spring when pollen covers the ground and air and vehicles like a blanket of yellow snow, no metaphor-mixing intended. No over-utilized shrubbery or designed landscapes in the back; just good ol'--Old Grandfather Trees of oak, mountain ash, some evergreens here and about, too, but primarily TREES deciduous, with leaf-fall of bursting colors painting Autumn as it should be.
Go straight enough down the ridge off the porch stairs and you'll find The Inverted J tree, marking direction to the year-round water source, a fall 3 feet high by 8 to 10 wide, flowing to a pool where peoples have drank since before white settler-style abodes took over. Look with an eye towards pitching a tipi or other camp and you'd likely be pleasantly rewarded with one of several plateau ridge tops wide enough to tent without crowding.
 Watch for dead-fall, though. And the squirrels like to show their nuts-- I mean throw their stores st unsuspecting stoppers-by-- something of a rarity. I mean people. Squirrels maintain accuracy despite lack
of target opportunities, following you on the hike down and back, through the canopy some 60+ feet above or more, depending. Firewood is not an issue, but then neither are fires, as it would fill the bill but is NOT a campground, or like to become one. It is the perfect place for several different shrines, of Nature built with nature. A place to not chop-chop or sanitize. Sane-itize, yes! Find a rock or fallen log to sit on, and breathe with the trees,look for deer, or see Green Man,jack-o-the-woods.  Pick up some thing for the altar home-way-- or leave/start a cairn.Just be, let life  and the rush it often takes be short
one less stress-filled person; let it rush on without you. You have nothing to do but BE, in the moment,out of the timeline but not out of time-- in fact,OUT. Out in Nature, taking time the way it has been since before time-pieces disconnected us from the Rhythms of seasons, the Cycle Of Life. Re-cycle with the REAL Green movement-- of the Sun and Moon and coyotes and deer and waterfalls and leaves falling. Look for a Natural spot near you: create a Sacred Space others can attune to tending spirits; watch faerie and sprite and wind through trees. GROUND. Even your lawn will suffice, or online. Creative creating and of itself can help, slow the Rhythm and tune in to the Season of Fall, and of ALL Seasonal changes.It'll come around again, but like a Spiral, the Rhythm is same time, different space-time.

Hale and Slainte, folks!
Bright Blessings, from Biskit, Bird and Flower, Grounding through Gaia at the Autumn Fires event in Wisteria,