Saturday, November 8, 2008


Hey there, anyone who's reading this! I know it has been a long time since I posted, but I'm not certain anyone actually reads this, and so am not certain anyone has missed me. Oh, well.

On Halloween I had some friends over. We carved pumpkins and I had a fire in the portable fireplace on the driveway. We ate dinner out there.

I opted for paper plates - I wish I could say I had truly green motives, but honestly, I didn't want to run twelve loads of dishes through the machine or hand wash them all. Paper was easier. When we were finished eating, we threw the plates onto the fire - no landfill, anyway. The utensils we used were compostable plastic - cool, huh?

I used the leftovers from dinner to make soup - recycling, right?

Sometimes, going green is all about the convenience - not having to wash something, knowing it will compost or burn, using a product that will not clog up the septic system or the sewers.

Speaking of septic systems, sewers, and the things we put in them...

I do not enjoy green-friendly toilet paper. The nicest I've used is almost on par with a diner's paper napkin, and the worst is like those brown paper hand towels you find in public restrooms. Is there some reason it can't be soft? I understand why it's not pure white or colored - who needs all that bleaching or the dye? I don't want scented paper, because I am not interested in a perfumed bottom - really, who is? And why? But something that doesn't feel like it's exfoliating my nethers would sure be nice.

Meanwhile, it's slow going around here - our roommate likes to sleep with his giant, almost too big for the room television on, and sometimes the light. He leaves his desktop and laptop computers running all the time, and often doesn't turn off the bathroom light or fan. He has also, on occasion, turned on his space heater to warm the room, then left it running while he turned on the A/C because he was too hot. Whiskey tango foxtrot, y'all - short of a death threat, I just don't know what to do about him!

Want more people to care, to at least make an effort at greening up their lives? Make it convenient, make it comfortable, and make it cheap.