Friday, June 6, 2008

An angle?

My local EMC has a program wherein they provide solar panels to local schools. The idea is to help offset the massive amount of power used by these gigantic buildings while simultaneously providing an educational opportunity to the students - they learn to read the meter, understand solar power, and learn about energy consumption in general.

I home school.

Think they'll hook me up??


foolery said...

There are companies that install solar panels on your house at their expense, I believe, then they own the excess power to sell back to your electric company. Heard the ads last year but I haven't heard in a while. If I remember right there is no up-front cost to the homeowner, but I don't remember if that means you get totally free electricity, or what? Might be worth looking into.

Kyddryn said...

The companies I've found either charge for the install and you use/sell the power yourself, or they install and you pay them for the power you use, kind of like a cell phone - they install and service, do all the maintenance and whatnot, but you pay them a monthly fee like a power bill...and you still pay for any power you take from the grid. The ones I looked into didn't install battery banks, either...and I'm thinking that's how I'm going to go, when I get solar. I need to write a post about this!