Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Through Winter's Night...

...I dream of gardens.

I dream of carrots and peas and okra;
I dream of spinach and lettuce and cabbage;
I dream of tomatoes and onions and potatoes;
I dream of beans, and artichokes, and broccoli;
I dream of cauliflower and pumpkins and squash;
I dream of zucchini, and wax beans, and cucumbers;
I dream of eggplant and garlic and peppers of all sorts;
I dream of watermelon, cantaloupe, and strawberries;

I feed these dreams with compost and ash
anything organic that isn't an animal product goes into the pile
paper is burned, the ash spread about
leaves collected and given to the pile, too

A friend, a Love, has moved here
and with his strong hands
his capable hands
he stirs the pile,
feeds it,
makes it rich

He talks to the earth, tells her stories of what may be...
and she listens and hopes.

I feed these dreams with Baker's Creek
and the Seed Saver's Exchange

Dreams of heirlooms passed down,
to me
and my son
and (perhaps one day)
his children

I dream of gardens, abundance
of feeding my family
with sunlight and rain
of one day planting trees, groves...

through Winter's night,
I dream...

I am truly blessed - Someone has moved here and sees the yard and its potential, and is happy to be out there even in the bitter cold, making it ready. We pore over catalogs and talk about planting times, sprouting indoors versus dropping seeds directly into the earth, of Winter plants and Spring plants and our hopes that one day we (well...honestly, he) will produce enough to sell or can or give away...

I would love to lessen my dependence on the corporate farm culture, on things produces by bullies and chemicals and laboratories.

So I dream...

How about you?

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cinner said...

Congratulations on your new blog. very excited for you. as soon as the snow is gone here, i get out in my yard and usually stay there other than sleep until the next snowfall. It is my love. I got a composter last season, so will see how that does,Oh amd very happy for you and your Mr. Someone. Be well.