Friday, August 21, 2009

This Makes Me Nuts

Have you seen these?

I just noticed them at my supermarket this week.

At first blush, they seem like a good idea. I like Jif peanut butter. I buy a big jar of Simply Jif when we run low, every couple of months or so unless it's a banner season for PB&Js around here (and the Evil Genius loves 'em, so he'll pack 'em away if I let him). The jars make handy banks, rattles, or leftovers containers if you're inclined to keep them about, and they can be recycled. Small containers to throw into a lunch box, nappy bag, or even your purse with crackers, apples, celery, or bananas seem handy, a real mother's/father's helper.


Look at the packaging. First there's the cardboard, with all that printing, all that ink. I'm sure it's recyclable...but still...

Then, there are the foil lids on the cups. Sigh.

And the cups themselves - more plastic to recycle or end up in a landfill.

The price is much higher per ounce, too, as is always the case - we pay for our convenience.

With planetary resources stretched thin as it is, wouldn't it be wiser to buy the big jar and simply use Tupperware/Rubbermaid/reusable containers instead?

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Phoenix said...

Agree with you.. it is by doing the small things that we can accomplish the big task of saving our planet.