Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Talkin' Trash

Ah, trash.

Lots and lots of trash.

All over the side of the highway, secondary roads, and even at the end of my driveway.

What is it with people and their inability to contain their waste? How hard is it, really, to keep a grocery bag, a paper sack, or a rubbish bin in the car? Heck, if you've just hit the drive through, they provide the paper sack to put trash in - the bag wherein your food came!

How on Earth does someone thing it's OK to leave a dirty nappy in a parking lot? Usually right where it will be run over several times, spreading its horror all over tires, pavement, and people's psyches?

How is it that I can neatly bag my trash, place it in the bin, make sure the lid's down and nothing is loose or available for a quiet midnight snack for the local wildlife and pets-off-leash, I still end up with batteries at the end of my drive, flattened and scuffed by multiple tires?

Once in a while, I'll find litter in my yard or in the middle of the cul-de-sac, something random and odd and not at all from my household, a little gift from the trash-fairies.

It is disheartening to see how much is dumped on the side of the road, flung from windows, blown from the backs of trucks, or trickling out of the trash-trucks that are overladen with all of the waste we generate. Cans, cups, plates, clothing, plastic bags and bottles, wrappers, and all sorts of other fluttering reminders that humanity was here and didn't give a damn.

We carry bags with us when we hike the trails at the nature center. They start out empty, but they always get filled. I found a nappy in those woods. I didn't pick it up - I gave it serious thought, but considering its disreputable state and the length of the hike back, not to mention that whoever had so thoughtfully left it had managed to place it far from the path and directly in the middle of a flourishing patch of poison ivy, well...I gave it a pass. But I did report it to the staff at the center...they have tools for picking up litter, tools that negate the need for gallons of hand-sanitizer after. We find many cigarette butts. I won't let the Evil Genius pick those up - do you know how many germs live in saliva? The human mouth can be a cesspit! I pick them up and toss them, and get annoyed.

Hey, litterbugs,

Smoke if you will, smoke if you must - but do not inflict the damage from your addiction on me or my environment!

If you give your kid a juice box, make sure you collect the little plastic straw wrapper thingy.

If you give your kid a piece of candy or any other wrapped food, make sure they toss the wrapper where they ought or give it to you to dispose of. You could try teaching by example.

Don't let your plastic grocery bags get away from you - I see them blowing along in the air, tangled in trees, and floating in the water all the time.

You could even try recycling some of that stuff you've been dumping on the side of the road!

Come on, would you walk into my house and dump your trash?? Would you find it acceptable if someone came into your house and deposited their waste in the living room? So consider the great outdoors our global family room, would you please??

Either that, or I'm going to start following you around, collecting your trash, and dumping it in your bed when you aren't looking.

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